Tea Industry
West Bengal is the second largest tea growing state in India. It accounts for 20% of the total area under the tea and contributes 24% in the total tea production in India. The industry in the state has a unique dimension as it is directly responsible for economic and social development of the two major districts of the state viz : Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri. In terms of the tea growing areas in West Bengal , there are three district tea growing zones viz : Darjeeling, Terai, and Dooars.
Darjeeling tea is best known as the Champagne of teas. So rare and unique is its flavor that it cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.The distinctive,exclusive and rare character of Darjeeling Tea is the result of several factors .
At present there are 85 tea gradens in Darjeeling dictrict, many with ethnic names, are grouped in seven valleys of the Darjeeling hills each gifted with its own scenic character and topography.The Tea estates being enclave economies, workers solely depend upon these plantations for employment, wages and other statutory benefits.
With an annual crop of about 10 million kgs, Darjeeling accounts for 1.2% of all India's tea production. Bulk of the tea produced in Darjeeling is exported. In volume terms the Darjeeling accounts for 3% of the total export from India.
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